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  • Specifications
    • Name:wall panel
    • Number:PK-10
    • Specifications
    • Thickness:2.0 mm
    • Size:1.22m×2.8m
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  • Details
  • Pinger Wall Panels

    Full Name Antibacterial Vinyl Panels (smooth surface)


    Product Description

    Pinger wall panels are design for the maximum area protection. There is no need for continual repair or repainting. It's much more convenient to install and clean.

    Provided different protection levels(1.22x2.8m) with 4 available thickness. The maximum thickness is 5.0mm.

    Accessories include top caps, divider bars, inside corner and outside corner etc.

    Any color options. We can produce the color as your requirements.

    When you meet the urgent request, you may select the color from our stock colors.

    Pinger wall panels is widely used for inner public including education, healthcare, hospitality, senior living and commercial etc.

    Pinger wall panels is a new style green building materials. They have nine product features like anti-collision, fireproof, mildew proof, easy to clean, antibacterial, rich color, stable size, lightweight portable, green environmental protection, heat insulation. 

    Pinger wall panels made from one complicated materials, so it's the same thing form surface to the heart. They got large silver ion inside that can kill bacteria, fungus and other pathogenic microorganisms, and it never lose that function after dozens of year. 


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