• Specifications
    • Name:Handrails
    • Number:LHR1597W
    • Specifications
    • Thickness:2mm
    • Size:159mm
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  • Details
    • Product Name:Handrails

      Model Number:LHR1597W

      Materials:vinyl & aluminum(silver color fillister)

      Standard Length:5m

      Standard Width:159mm

      diameter of grip:38mm                                                                                   

      distance with wall:38mm 

      Detailed Information:

      "Pinger Handrails "installed on the wall which is about 80cm~90cm from floor. Handrails can protect the walls well from impact.

      Handrail is composited by the following parts: 2mm thickness vinyl cover of grip, 2mm thickness vinyl cover of fillister, 2mm thickness vinyl cover of bumper, 2mm thickness aluminum of retainer, anti-collision rubber strip, ABS materials for elbow, bracket, inside corner, outside corner.

      There're 22 colors for the Handrails as reference, including wood colors which can match with Pinger Wall Guards, Corner Guards and Pinger Wall panels to create a perfect space.

      Above products are with bolts & screws.


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