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Congratulations on the success of Guangzhou Pinger in the 19th National Hospital Construction Conference

On May 19-21, the 19th National Hospital Construction Conference was successfully concluded at the Wuhan International Expo Center. The theme of this conference is to build a good communication platform for the hospital construction industry with the theme of “construction of tomorrow's hospital ecosystem” that can be expected to be realized – system application innovation. Pinger® is a well-known brand of professional medical space decoration solutions. With professional products, we participated in this exhibition. Let us have a look together.

The design of the Pinger® booth is based on science and nature. The overall image is based on natural ecology. The blue sky and white clouds reflect the beautiful scenery, and the white technology tree goes straight to the sky, expressing the technology construction hospital and the future of harmonious future.

The wall decoration adopts the tiny texture and the smooth texture series of Pinger wall panel. The pinger wall panel is rich in silver ions, which can resist bacterial pollution, continuously reduce the microbial growth, and is resistant to impact and easy to clean. It is very suitable for hospital wall. Surface decoration of furniture and sanitary requirements.

After many customers visited the Pinger® new products, they became interested in our wall panel and consulted our sales staff on the pinger wall panel and related product information. The customer also expressed the hope that they would have the opportunity. Our company and factory have a more intuitive visit and understanding! !

Pinger® is based on the concept of technology and care. At this exhibition, more people will show more innovations and possibilities of decorative panels in decorative applications. The role of pinger wall panels in space affects psychotherapy and in the field of hospital construction. Efforts and innovations have won unanimous praise from the exhibitors, and we look forward to more people paying attention to Pinger® products.

As the patient's requirements for the medical environment continue to increase, the hospital pays more attention to the medical experience, making the medical space more warm and harmonious, and creating more green character space is always the mission of Pinger®, which is also in line with the future medical space construction. development trend.

At this exhibition, Pinger® is grateful to the new and old customers at the booth. Due to the rush of time, the demand for your business has not been deeply analyzed. I am sorry to say this to you! The exhibition is over. If you want to know more, please contact our business staff and look forward to your inquiry!

The Wuhan exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. We will continue to work hard to innovate and develop a better pinger wall panel  (antibacterial wall panel). Thanks again for the attention and support of friends from all walks of life!



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