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Hubei Provincial People's Hospital (Wuhan University People's Hospital)

      (Hubei Provincial People's Hospital, Wuhan University First Clinical College) was founded in 1923 and is the first public hospital in Hubei Province. The country's first batch of tertiary A hospitals, the key hospitals of the Hubei Provincial People's Government, national civilized units, and national May 1st labor awards collective. The hospital has two campuses. The main campus is located at Zhangzhidong Road, Wuchang, covering an area of 200 mu and a building area of 350,000 square meters. The Dongyuan District (Optical Valley Campus) is located in Wuhan Donghu Hi-tech Development Zone, covering an area of 250 mu.
The Dongyuan district building is equipped with pinger wall panels installed in the ICU, CCU, etc., and it is perfectly matched with the corner guards and the wall guards. The sky blue is used to install the walls. Sky blue brings a kind of peace of mind to the patient and contributes to the improvement of the disease.



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